• 9 years
  • Since 2012, the Office of the Leading Group for the Implementation of the Intellectual Property and Trademark Strategy of Jiangsu[Particular]

  • 20,825
  • According to the White Paper of Intellectual Property Right Protection 2019 published by Hubei Intellectual Property Office[Particular]

  • 2.93 billion yuan
  • from January to October this year, there are 180 intellectual property pledge registrations in total that have been conducted in Hunan province, which involves 1,018 patents and 4 trademarks[Particular]

  • Geographical indication products
  • As a column taking "geographical indication products" as main line, "words tell geographical indication products" tries to make readers grasp words in one minute and learn more information deeper into the products centering on one geographical indication product per edition.[Particular]


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