Welcome to the HelpMePublish Project

Avoid publication pitfalls and increase your readership. HelpMePublish is a new kind of tool designed to help researchers analyse, harness and contribute to the publication of research. The HMP app for mobile devices provides databases on 13 major subject areas containing information on more than 6000 reputable academic journals provided by journal editors, subject experts and academic users.

New in version 1.1: SEARCH, RATE AND SHARE ARE NOW FREE. Search all our subjects and view, rate and share all our journals for free (subscribe for extra journal submitted information and complex filtering and sorting).
New in version 1.2: HMP NOW RECOGNISES INSTITUTIONAL SUBSCRIPTIONS. Users from subscribing institutions now have full access to all journals in all subject areas in HMP. For more information, see our new For Institutions page.

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Discover a wider range of journals that suit your work. We provide a whitelist of reputable high quality academic journals. HelpMePublish can search for journals based on the keywords of your article OR search using more than 900 content categories in our built-in subject trees OR search the contents of over 6000 official journal blurbs.

Sort your results to suit your work and your circumstances. Rank your results by the features of journals that will give you more publications with a wider readership. You can rank on: acceptance rates, refereeing policies, publication time, quality of editorial advice, realtime journal readership data and much more.
Analyse journals in your area using data collected in real time from journal editors and academic users. Keep track of trends in journal publication using journal reports built on-the-fly using only data collected within the past year. Find journals that are widely read and recommended using our new Recommendation Index.
Contribute to the successful and efficient publication of academic research. Share your knowledge of journal publication using our built-in rating questionnaire. Pool your experiences of academic publication with the experiences of academics from around the world. Help guide new researchers through the academic publication process and provide valuable feedback to journal editors and academic publishers.
Build your own list of favourite journals and keep track of important changes in readership data and publication practices. Annotate your favourites list with your notes about editors' preferences, journal contacts, publication milestones etc. And don’t worry, all your notes are strictly private, stored only on your mobile device.
Looking for an Android version? See our FAQ page. Want to know if your journal can be included or if members of your institution are accredited to rate journals? See the For Editors & Institutions page.